Victim Services

If you are a victim of or a witness to a crime in Beadle County, the Victim/Witness Assistants from the Beadle County State’s Attorney’s Office are available to assist you while you are involved with the criminal justice system.

As a victim of crime, you may be experiencing feelings of confusion, frustration, fear and anger. We will explain your rights as a victim and help you better understand how the criminal justice system works.

One of the responsibilities of citizenship for those who have knowledge about the commission of a crime is to serve as witnesses at the criminal trial or one of the other hearings held in connection with the criminal prosecution. The complete cooperation and truthful testimony of all witnesses is essential to the proper determination of guilt or innocence in a criminal case.

Our office is concerned that victims and witnesses of crime are treated fairly throughout their contact with the criminal justice system. We have taken several steps to make the participation by victims of crime and witnesses more effective and meaningful.

One of these steps is the establishment of this website. We hope that it will provide you the answers to many of your questions and will give you sufficient general information to understand your rights and responsibilities. Another step has been to employ Victim/Witness Assistants who are available to answer any of your questions and to assist you where possible as you participate in the criminal justice process.


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