Sexual Offenses

Sexual crimes and child sexual abuse are among the most devastating of crimes. Through their criminal acts, sex crime and child sexual abuse offenders can inflict severe physical, emotional, and psychological trauma on their victims. The effects can be long-lasting; the healing process can be an arduous one.

Because many sexual assailants are repeat offenders, it is important that victims report sexual assaults to their local police or sheriff’s station. By reporting crimes, victims help bring an attacker to justice and prevent further offenses. Reporting a crime and cooperating with the police also makes victims eligible for free counseling and for compensation from the state’s fund for victims of violent crime. The State’s Attorney’s has victim service representatives who will help sexual assault and child sexual abuse victims utilize all the resources available to them and ensure that their rights are protected.

The maximum punishment for rape varies depending on the facts of the rape. The maximum sentence for rape of a child under the age of thirteen is a life sentence, while other rapes are punishable by ten, fifteen, or twenty-five years in the South Dakota State Penitentiary.

Other sexual offenses frequently prosecuted by the State’s Attorney’s Office include Sexual Contact With A Child Under Sixteen, Possession of Child Pornography, Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, and Failure to Register as a Convicted Sex Offender.


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