Role of Witnesses

You may have been a victim of or an eye-witness to a crime. You may be the owner of stolen property, or be able to provide some piece of information which will help to prove a criminal case. You are an essential witness and without your cooperation, our criminal justice system could not work.

You can expect to receive a subpoena at some point in the proceedings which will require you to testify. Written statements are not permitted instead of live testimony because a person charged with a crime has a right to ask questions of the witnesses who testify against him/her through his/her attorney.

It is very important that you keep us informed of any changes in your address or phone number. We will not be able to notify you of dates in your case if we cannot locate you.

We hope that this website has answered many of your questions as to how the criminal justice system operates and what is expected of you in your role as a potential witness. Please feel free to contact us at (605) 353-8430 to discuss any of this information or to answer any questions relating to your case.

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