Computer Cop

Protect Your Children From Being Victims of Internet Crimes

Beadle County State’s Attorney, Michael Moore, his office staff, and the generous members of our community who sponsored this effort are pleased to bring ComputerCop Parental Internet Monitoring Software to the families of Beadle County.

Mr. Moore started this project because of a recent case here in Beadle County and other cases across our state and nation where children have been victimized when using the internet.

It is our hope that this software will initiate a line of communication between parents and children regarding the positive and negative aspects of the Internet and its appropriate use. It is important to remember that monitoring software such as this is only a support tool and should not be considered the answer to keeping your children safe online. Therefore, parents and guardians are encouraged to become more familiar with the workings of the Internet, the applications your children use, and the websites they frequent.

As parents, guardians, and as a community, we set the standard for the purposeful living for our children. Guiding them toward making the right decision about the information they access and the people they meet will give them a strong foundation for making positive choices in similar future situations.

ComputerCop is now available at the Beadle County State’s Attorney’s Office and the sponsors’ offices. Please call the Beadle County State’s Attorney’s Office at 353-8430 if you have any questions.

Computers and the Internet are a daily part of life for most people. This ever expanding system that we call the World Wide Web has given the average person access to volumes of information at their fingertips. Unfortunately, there are those in society that have taken this opportunity and are using it for their own illegal or immoral purposes. This software is one way we have found in which we can assist parents in monitoring their children on the Internet. By having the ability to see where your children are visiting on the Internet, you can ensure they are not subjected to images that are not appropriate or going to sites that lend themselves to on-line predators. I would like to thank the sponsors for their support in this program.

Michael R. Moore
Beadle County State’s Attorney


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